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Before I started Fantastic Chaos, I already followed a few a blogs and loved getting to see snippets of other people’s lives.

Since starting my own, I’ve also found other blogs to add to my reading collection. Below are the ones I read regularly and completely love.

Go visit them and give them some love too! You can find and follow them all on Bloglovin as well as Fantastic Chaos

  1. 1 Dad, 1 Kid – Father and son house-sitting most of their way around the world
  2. BabyMac – Everything about life in the highlands of NSW with her kids, dog and husband
  3. Big Family, Little Income – An insight into a family of 9 from the perspective of Dad
  4. Eat Well Travel Often – A great friend of mine who loves travel, food, sustainability and tying it altogether
  5. Edenland – An incredibly strong woman who tells it how it is, sometimes with a bit of slam poetry
  6. Fat Mum Slim – One of the early bloggers in Australia she is a mum, wife and creator of the #fmsphotoaday challenge on instagram
  7. Lena Talks Beauty – Kiwi beauty blogger who is a self-described lipstick fiend
  8. Mr and Mrs Romance – Travelling, eating and drinking, this couple does it with class
  9. Sonia Styling – All things lifestyle, beauty and fashion – especially leopard print
  10. Styling You – Lifestyle, beauty and fashion – it’s all about finding your own style, she even has a book about it
  11. The Organised Housewife – Exactly as the title suggests, an amazingly organised housewife with a ton of recipes and life hacks
  12. This is Meagan Kerr – Body positive fashion and lifestyle blogger in New Zealand
  13. Woogsworld – Mrs Woog writes about everything and nails it every time – as her tag line suggests, she makes the most out of the mundane
  14. Y Travel Blog – An excellent story about solo, couple and family travel of not just Australia, but the world with a tonne of resources as well
  15. Young Adventuress – A travel blogger who is American but based in New Zealand who loves Spain

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