2016 Mid-Year Check In

Can you believe it’s already the end of the second week of the second half of 2016? I’m totally in denial about this fact and I’m sure I’m going to feel this way for another few weeks yet. Especially since my birthday is in August and there’s no way it feels like nearly a whole year has passed since the last one. Something that’s worrying me more than how close my birthday is, is the fact I think I’m quite behind of my list of 9 awesome things to do I set out to do this year…. You can check out the whole post here.

My list of 9 things to do in 2016 were as follows:

  1. Visit a new place/ city/ town/ national park
  2. Fly a kite
  3. Read at least 10 books
  4. Go camping
  5. Have a picnic
  6. See a sunrise
  7. Visit another state of Australia
  8. Spend time by myself
  9. Live in the moment

And here is how I’m going with each of those items…..

  1. I went to Kondalilla National Park, click here to read my post about it.
  2. Not yet planned/ attempted,
  3. I’ve read a total of 4 books so far, which means I have to read 1 per month from now on, if I want to complete this.
  4. Aiming to go in either September or October but it’s not booked in yet.
  5. Planning on doing this one with my sister while the husband is away – he’s not very fond of picnics.
  6. I’ve actually seen 2 sunrises and they were magnificent – stay tuned for photos in a future post.
  7. I’m going to ACT for a work event at the end of August, which means I’ll be visiting another state of Australia.
  8. Husband is away for 2 weeks, so I’m currently enjoying time by myself.
  9. I’ve tried to be more aware of living in the moment this year, but I still think I can do better

Actually looking at this list now, I’m not too far behind where I should be on ticking off these things to do in 2016. I’m pretty happy really, because I’ve also accomplished some other great things…

  1. I got a new job and I love it
  2. I now exercise regularly, as I catch public transport to and from work. My daily commute includes a total of 45 mins walking
  3. As of 1 July I’ve lost a total of 7.7kg’s since 1 January – that’s just over 1 kg per month. I’m pretty stoked with that.

Another big thing is husband and I now have a puppy. If you follow the Fantastic Chaos Facebook page, you would’ve already seen photos of him.

We’ve had him since the end of April and boy has it been a shock to the system. There was so much pee and poo inside the house during toilet training. The nights of broken sleep while he adjusted to his new life and then also because he needs to pee and poo during the night. The scratches and teeth marks while he gets the hang of how not to behave. The continuous tail wagging when you’re playing with him or he knows he’s getting food or treats.

Good and bad, I wouldn’t change it for anything. He’s growing so very fast.

When I look back at all of this, I can actually see how it’s been six months since the start of the year. It’s just gone way too fast though.

I hope the next six months don’t go as fast!

Where are you at six months into 2016?
Have you accomplished what you wanted to?
What have you got left to do in 2016?
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