Kondalilla Falls Bush Walk

A few weeks ago Hubby and I went on a bush walk with my Dad, Mum and sister. The walk was in the Kondalilla Falls National Park.

The Kondalilla Falls National Park is a few minutes from the main street of Montville, in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland. I was looking forward to it, as even though I’ve been in Brisbane for 8 and a half years, I’ve still not explored the hinterland at all.

It took us just under 2 hours to get to the National Park from the western suburbs of Brisbane. There is a carpark at the very end of Kondalilla Falls Rd and acts as a natural cul-de-sac. From the car park is a 50m downward sloped walkway (with a few steps) that takes you into the National Park. The carpark has about 45 spaces, but as it is a very popular place, it fills up fast. Make sure you get there before 10am. When we left at about 11.30am all the parks were taken and there were many cars parked on the side of the road leading to the car park.

Once down the walkway it opens up into a very lovely and quiet grassed picnic area. There is a toilet block, several tables with shelter roofs and a couple of BBQ’s – electric and wood burning. In saying that, if you have a very large esky with supplies, it might be a bit of a pain trying to get it down to the picnic area to start with.

There are several walks which start from the picnic area. Be sure to read the information on the signs at the entrance to the walks. On the day were there, Dad was wanting to walk the Kondalilla Falls Circuit. Unfortunately there was a notice saying part of it, which was the bottom of the falls, was closed due to risk of further rock-falls. Instead we did the Rock Pools Walk. It was the Picnic Creek Circuit, but also included going down to the rock pool (part of the Kondalilla Falls Circuit) and then back.

The Picnic Creek Circuit is suitable for all ages, so long as they can manage at least 1 flight of stairs at a time. This will mean they can get to the start of the walks from the car park as well. The Rock Pools Walk has a lot more stairs, but they are only up to 10 at any one time, then a 5 – 10m walk then another set of stairs.

Just before you head down to the rock pools, there is a viewing platform which gives you an amazing view all the way through the valley between two mountains on either side. I could have spent hours just standing on the viewing platform, it was just spectacular.

Once you start the descent to the rock pool, the path is a lot narrower. Don’t worry, you fall down the side of the hill though, as there is a fence with a railing all the way down. The stairs are sometimes uneven, as is the path, so just take care. My family and I all did this walk in running shoes, however we saw people in thongs (jandals/ flip flops), sandals, ballet flats and one guy was even in bare feet!

The rock pool is a decent size and there are several entry points, should you want to swim. I would’ve liked to, but it was a bit cooler, overcast and windy the day we went, so no swimming this time. There is a small waterfall into the rock pool, but this isn’t the Kondalilla Falls.


On the way down to the rock pool, there is a gate off to the right hand side of the walk way which has a decent amount of stairs leading further down the hill side. If you follow this, it will take you to the viewing platform to see the Kondalilla Falls. I consider myself to be super unfit, so I did not do this. My sister took one for the team and went and got to see this amazing view in real life, while the rest of us just look at these pictures.

She did concede that it was a massive effort to get back up all those stairs.

Coming back up from the rock pool was hard enough for me, but I did make it!

If you are walking the full Kondalilla Falls Circuit, you would continue on the walk at the other side of the rock pool. But you won’t get away from the stairs, because it’s a Circuit, you’ll come back past the rock pool and join back up with Picnic Creek Circuit to get back to the car park.

I like walking in the bush because it’s just so calming and peaceful. I definitely need that sometimes.

I’d definitely go back and do it again, but next time I think I’ll wear my swimsuit and take a backpack with supplies so I can spend a couple of hours actually in the rock pool and under the waterfall.


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