Why Streaming Apps Are No Good

After reading the heading of this post, I realise that some of you may already have your heckles up and be screaming at your computer “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WOMAN?! THEY ARE THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!” But hear me out, because for me at least, streaming apps are no good.

Since the arrival of popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Presto and Stan in Australia, my motivation to complete tasks while at home, has monumentally decreased. I’ve been a subscriber to all of these services at one point or another and right now Hubby and I are using both Netflix and Presto.

The downside to these services is they are the new procrastination tool for me. Before it was Facebook and Instagram…. but now, it’s binge watching movies and TV series. It’s as easy as opening an app on my phone and turning on the TV.

These streaming apps are no good for me at all. I like to take a leave day every now and then to actually do tasks at home and personal errands – you know, things that actually really need to be done – well most of the time none of these things actually get done. The worst part about it? I get to the end of the day and I feel like I’ve completed wasted my day.

Event just at night time after work, when I have things I could and SHOULD be doing, but I don’t. It’s¬†¬†happening WAAAY too often now. I need to limit my TV viewing time and I need to start now.

I’m going to commit to making it one of my 4 goals for February. Less TV watching via streaming apps.

That being said, I’m super excited that NCIS is returning next week, I totally can’t wait. I’m completely tragic aren’t I? I say I’m going to watch less TV via streaming apps and then I’m looking forward to another TV program. Oh dear. However I figure it’s completely fine because it’s on normal TV, rather than the streaming service…… I’m kidding myself aren’t I?

I think I might need to work out a schedule that keeps all TV viewing to a lesser amount. 1 – 1.5 hours a night Monday – Friday. Ok that’s my goal. Let’s do this.


What do you think about streaming apps being no good? Agree or disagree?
Do you find yourself sucked into watching too much?
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