My Weekly Guilty Pleasure

The start of the working week is never really my friend. Anyone who knows me, is more than likely very aware of this. The only thing that can cure me is a guilty pleasure of mine. What is it you ask? It’s JUNK MAIL!

I love junk mail so much. When I was younger, my very first paying job was to deliver shop pamphlets in my local area. To be honest, I think this is where it all started. I’d get the pamphlets delivered to my house where I then had to collate them all, fold them and pack them into bags ready to go delivering. But the very first thing I would do when I received the huge stack… well I’d grab one of each and start looking through them and day dreaming about buying things.

Tuesday night is when I generally spend some time on the couch flicking through the junk mail and the local papers. Yes, there are some which just get thrown straight in the recycling (think patio extensions and retirement villages), but not many.

I start with the pile on one side of me, and as I finish looking through each one, they get put on the other side of me – it helps that I sit in the middle of the 3 seater couch. Going through each one, I find myself day dreaming about buying ALL THE THINGS, then how I’d use something, how I’d look in a piece of clothing, and where I’d put items in my house.

I definitely have favourites. I usually spend more time going through those ones than the rest.

It usually takes me about an hour to get through the pile (including reading the local papers), but I always feel like I’m in a better mood once I’m finished. It really is a guilty pleasure for me.

I know this might not seem like much, but it really can be heaven some weeks.


Do you love junk mail?
What’s one of your guilty pleasures?
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  1. My mother used to always call those junk mail pamphlets “wish books”, which I think is absolutely charming, but I’ve never heard it used outside my family. Maybe it’s an older generation thing?

    • Wish books – I love that name, because they totally are. I don’t think I’ve heard them called that before either, so it might be an older gen thing.

  2. I love junk mail too. My first job was also delivering the local paper and pamphlets – so you could be on to something there. When I moved to the country I was shattered when I realised that we lived too far out of our town for them to deliver junk mail to us (how rude!). So, when I go to visit my sisters in the city, I grab any junk mail I can find and spend as much time as I can looking through it. Lynda

    • My parents live in the same suburb as me (my husband’s decision, but that’s a story for another day), and when I visit their house, I still go through their junk mail. I always expect to see something different to what I get in mailbox…. I might have a problem hahaha!

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