Why I’ve Been AWOL The Last Month

As the title of this post says, I’ve been AWOL from the blog the last month, and I’d like to explain why.

After I published my last post with the Free Printable Christmas Checklist, we had family over from NZ  for the long weekend . It was a great weekend catching up and spending time with them. I went back to work on the Tuesday (hip hip hooray for Labour Day Long Weekend), then something happened that I did not expect. And it threw me.

Changes were announced at work (I work a full time day job) which for me were pretty significant. I’m not adverse to change, but when it’s out of the blue and affects me it can be hard at first.

Since then I’ve done everything I can to go with the flow at work, making sure I continue to do my job to the best of my ability, but at home it’s been a different story.

I completely shut myself off from my husband and became a bit of a Debbie Downer. My hubby had to endure this. I was doing the bare minimum of my share of the home duties and didn’t want to do anything except zone out when I was at home; absent mindedly watching tv shows, movies and scrolling through social media, but not really engaging with any of it.

I didn’t write here on the blog while I was feeling this way. No one wants to read Debbie Downer.

Over the last week I’ve decided to not let the situation at work affect my usual happy self. I realised I needed to get balance back into my life, and not let my personal life be affected by things beyond my control at work.

I need to take care of my own health and wellbeing. For me, I needed those few weeks to re-group, but now, I’m done.

Tomorrow I’m heading to a blogging workshop where I’ll hear some speakers from the blogging world that I really admire.

The workshop is called Little Blog Big. It’s run by Carly from Smaggle and Christina from Hair Romance, who are have amazing knowledge about all things blogging and social media.

I’m hoping this will help me get my blogging Mojo back, and I’ll be back to publishing regular posts for you soon.


Do you find sometimes your work situation affects your personal life?
What do you do to balance it all out again?
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