Christmas Checklist – Free Printable

Today is the 25th of September.

That means there are only 3 months until Christmas Day! 13 weeks, less than 100 days…. Seriously though, HOW FAST HAS THIS YEAR GONE?!

Have you started planning for Christmas yet? If yes, you might need a hand. If no, you definitely should start and I can help you.

I am an absolute lover of planning, lists and reminders. This is where my idea of creating myself a Christmas Checklist was born.

I’ve made a super simple and easy to use checklist which includes a calendar, menu planner, present list and more. Because I like to share the love I’ve decided to give it away to the wonderful people who read my blog (I’m pretty sure it’s only my family and close friends that read this, but I’m always hoping there’s more).

To get the FREE Christmas Checklist printable, just subscribe to my email list. If you’re reading this on a desktop/tablet, just go over to the right hand side of the page, just below my Instagram feed, put in your first name and email address and hit “subscribe”. If you’re reading this on your smartphone/very small tablet scroll down to the very bottom of this page, and under my instagram feed,┬áput in your first name and email address and hit “subscribe”.

Go do it now, I’ll wait……………….

Now you’ve done that, you just need to grab a drink (alcoholic if you want) and sit back and wait for the email to come into your inbox. The email will have a link to download your FREE Christmas Checklist.

If the email doesn’t show up, check your junk/spam folder. Any issues, leave a comment and I’ll fix it up.


Do you love getting ready for Christmas?

What’s your favourite Christmas carol?


NOTE: this is my very first attempt at a freebie and a subscribe list and I’ve created everything all by myself (*fist pump in the air*). Something might not go completely right the first time, but I’ll get it sorted in the end.
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