Dubai Mall and the Dubai Mall Fountain

Have you ever had to compromise with your significant other so that you can go to a shopping mall? Normally I have to (generally it just means leaving hubby at home to watch the footy or play playstation), however on this certain occasion, he wanted to go to the mall just as much as I did.

This isn’t just any old mall though. Oh no, it is The Dubai Mall.

In recent times, most people think of really extravagant and over the top luxury when you hear someone talk about Dubai, and this is completely right if you’re thinking this about the Dubai Mall. It is so much more than just a normal shopping mall. There is a giant ceiling feature that changes colours is in the main entrance foyer – although the colours didn’t come out very well on our camera. There also is an Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, SEGA Republic (a theme park based on Sega games!), an ice skating rink, a 3 storey indoor water feature, a life size dinosaur skeleton, and a flight simulator. Oh and of course there are an insane amount of shops ranging from high-end fashion and jewellery to candy stores and souvenir trolley’s.


There was one main attraction that I wanted to see while we were there, and it was the Dubai Mall Fountain. As part of the mall complex there is a body of water, the size of a small lake which has fountain jets throughout. Every day you can see several displays of the magnificent fountain in action.

There are 2 displays during lunch time and then a display every 30 minutes from 6pm – 11pm each night. Since hubby and I had already been to Ferrari World that day and the next night we were out on a Dessert Safari. This was the only chance we had to see a display, and it was fabulous!

During each display, the jets of the Dubai Mall Fountain are choreographed in time to certain pieces of music. At night time it also includes lights as part of the show.

It is THE most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen.


The set up was created by the same company who did the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The jets have the capacity to shoot water as high as a 50 storey building.

I would loved to have been able to stay and see another display 30 minutes later on the same night, but I was struggling to keep my eyes open once the show stopped. Jet lag was not my friend.

There are plenty of great vantage points around the outside of the lake and several restaurants look out onto the lake. We were lucky enough to get a great spot and hubby was able to film some of the display we saw. Watch it – it takes a bit to get started, but make sure you watch it to the end!

The display is an attraction which is suitable to all ages, so definitely make sure you take the kids, teenagers and the grandparents if you get the chance to go.


Have you seen the Dubai Fountain in action?
Or maybe something similar? Did you think it was amazing?
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    • I’ve not seen the ones in Vegas, but Vegas is one of about 50 things still on my bucket list. Given the chance, I’d go back to Dubai tomorrow. It’s just beautiful. You might like to check out this post, this one and this one I’ve written about our time there, so much fun!

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