I Buy Lunch on a Friday

My earliest memories of my school life when I was little include sitting on the mat and listening to the teacher, climbing trees, assemblies in the school hall, hopscotch at playtime with friends and buying lunch on a Friday.

Mum or Dad used to give me money on a Friday morning for the sausage sizzle my primary school did every Friday lunchtime. I would have enough money to get a packet of corn chips (like doritos, but a New Zealand brand) for morning tea and then a sausage in bread and a can of soft drink for lunch. In the summer months they would also sell lemonade ice blocks, so I’d get 70 cents extra for one of those as well (70 cents, YES you read that right, so cheap back then!).

When I moved onto intermediate (2 years of school between primary and high school), the same tradition continued. One of my parents would give me and my sister (she was 3 years behind me in school) money on a Friday morning to buy our lunches at school.

Even when I moved up into high school, I would still get money from Mum or Dad to buy my lunch on a Friday. I did start a part time job when I was in Year 11, so I had my own money. Sometimes I would buy snacks for morning tea or an ice block as dessert after lunch throughout the week, but I’d still get money to buy lunch on a Friday (awesome parents, I know).

After so many years of school, I wasn’t surprised when I continued to do it when I went to University. I moved out of home about 4 months after I started my first year of university. I would try and be organised and take my lunch most days, but never on a Friday. I’d grab something at the food court of one of the CBD’s shopping centres, or go to a cafe/ restaurant with friends from uni.

Even now, after being in the workforce full time for the past 8 years, I still seem to always buy my lunch on a Friday. However it really only dawned on me just last week. As I went to pick up a delicious chicken curry from a Chinese restaurant near work, I realised it was Friday and I was buying lunch, AGAIN. I mean seriously, I’ve even put a photo of one of my bought lunches on instagram earlier this year!

Friday = buy lunch day! #yellowchickencurry #deliciousness #cokezero #yummy #thaifoodforthewin

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I’ve thought about it over the weekend, and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s a thing of mine that I will always do. Some Friday’s it might just be a toasted sandwich from the cafe up the road, others it may be a restaurant lunch with the team from work, or I might go to the local supermarket and buy a frozen meal, but I can pretty much guarantee that I will continue to always buy lunch on a Friday.


Do you have a tradition/ thing that you’ve done since you were little?
Do you also buy your lunch on a certain day each week? What’s you favourite thing to get?
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    • There’s probably more things that we do, carried over from when we were little, but don’t even realise. But how good is buying lunch on a Friday though? Best way to end a week, well aside from happy hour 🙂

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