Bacchus Dessert Degustation

Have you ever wanted to eat dessert as your dinner?

Well, I’ve actually done it a few times (generally during the Christmas period, so don’t judge me), however it’s nothing like the Bacchus Dessert Degustation.

Bacchus is the award winning restaurant on the Podium Level at Rydges Hotel South Bank. The old restaurant and conference room level underwent extensive renovations at the end of 2011 and through into 2012. Once the area was re-opened under the new name of “Podium Level” it was clear to see the vision and work that had gone into the creation of the venue.

There are now several function rooms which can be used as separate rooms, or they can all be opened into one giant space. There is also an executive boardroom, which is sometimes used for intimate dinner parties. The other area of this level is the Bacchus Restaurant and Bar.

Bacchus has won several accolades within the food and wine industry since opening in 2012. In the last 18 months it’s diversified into the realm of high tea’s and degustation menus. The Bacchus Dessert Degustation was the one which I have been wanting to do, ever since I first heard about it. Thursday last week, I got the chance to try it.

I’d been gifted a voucher for me to do the dessert degustation and talked my hubby into coming with me to try it. I thought I had previously explained it to him about the concept, but turns out, I hadn’t and he didn’t realise that all we were having was 5 courses of dessert for dinner…..

The menu is centered around 5 different flavours, one for each of the courses. We were given a complimentary appetiser of white chocolate chai in a very small glass, similar to a shot glass. It was just the right temperature and was delicious.

Our first course came out and was based on the flavour of the passionfruit. The menu read as passionfruit vanilla set cream, sweet paste crust, raspberries and gingerbread ice cream. It was plated on an enormous plate, where the middle was depressed slightly. The combination of passionfruit and gingerbread flavouring worked really well together, which surprised me.


The second course was pear. The menu announced the dish as being poached pear, white chocolate mousse and pear sorbet. I have to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the actual poached pear, but everything else on that plate was delicious.


Next course to be served was pineapple. Upside down cake with coconut water sorbet. I wasn’t sure how this one would go, as I don’t generally like the taste of pineapple. I tried it all, but this course didn’t seem to really fit with me. Even hubby wasn’t a fan of this one. It was plated so that it looked amazing though.


The fourth course was one that I was looking forward to, caramel. It was caramel panna cotta, sticky date, hazelnuts with prune and armagnac ice cream. The sitcky date pudding is the tiny little cubes that you can see in the picture below. Instead of it being like a normal pudding, it was more of a cake consistency. The whole dish was extremely yummy.


The fifth and final course was the flavour of chocolate. I love chocolate, so I’m glad they saved this flavour till last. Chocolate souffle, hot valrhona chocolate sauce and chocolate ice cream. It was served on a wooden board, with the chocolate sauce in a little carafe type vessel while the souffle was in a mini copper stove pot.

Our waitress said the best way to eat it was to poke some holes in the top of the souffle, pour the chocolate sauce in, stir it around then eat. I trusted that she wouldn’t put me wrong, and she definitely did not. It was excellent.

There was also a chocolate wafer type roll with cream/ marscapone in it sitting on top of the ice cream. There was just so much yummy-ness (yes I know this isn’t a word), in this course.


The Bacchus Dessert Degustation is a great foodie thing to do if you love different dessert flavours. I’m generally an “all the chocolate things” kind of person when it comes to, so this was me stepping out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed both the food and the experience as a whole.

For me it’s an “I’ve done it once” thing and I doubt that I’d do it again. However if you consider yourself a foodie and love 5 star dining, then you should definitely get book yours now!

Bacchus Restaurant
Podium Level, Rydges Hotel,
Cnr Grey St and Glenelg St,
South Bank, QLD 4101
For reservations click here
To check out their other amazing menus click here

Dessert Degustation is $79. If you’d like to do it with wine matching it is $129.


Have you ever had dessert for dinner?
Have you tried a degustation style menu? What did you think of the sizes of the courses?
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    • Sorry for my very tardy response to your comment Van. It was an amazing experience and highly recommended. It is $79 per person.

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