Delicious Brazilian BBQ in Brisbane

I’m possibly a bit late discovering this particular place, but I’ve found a restaurant that does delicious Brazilian BBQ in Brisbane. I’m talking about Mundo Churrasco on Macgregor Terrace in Bardon.

Our family has a bit of a tradition (we’ve been doing it since I was about 10). When it’s your birthday, you get to choose where the whole family goes for dinner to celebrate your birthday. We all love Italian, Chinese and Thai, but when it was my turn to choose a place to go for my birthday dinner, I thought I’d try something a bit different.

When we arrived at Mundo Churrasco, we were greeted by a very friendly staff member and shown to our table. When booking I’d said that it was for a 30th birthday dinner and what do ya know? Right there on the table was a “Happy 30th” table runner and a 30th birthday card. I love places who give this extra touch of service.

Once seated we were told how the restaurant worked. It was essentially a buffet, but you never had to leave your table. As part of the $45 per person cost we were given a range of sides to go with what we soon found out was “meat overload”.  Mundo Churrasco is definitely more suited to a carnivore. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you probably don’t even want to step foot in this restaurant (however they do offer vegetarian options).  The sides included cheese bread (like mini cheese muffins), potato salad, tomato and onion salsa, farofa, cassava chips, polenta chips and a green salad. There was definitely enough of these sides to comfortably feed all 5 of us, with some leftover.

Variety of side dishes
potato salad
More side dishes

Now to tell you about the glorious main event. The numerous different cuts of meat served at our table, were never ending! Imagine a normal meat skewer that you use on the BBQ at home…. got it? Ok, now increase the size by about 10…. Now imagine a A WHOLE BEEF RUMP on it, and the skewer is presented to your table by a friendly waiter (known as a carver – ’cause you know, he carves the hunks of meat) who starts cutting the cooked meat off the skewer and onto your plate. So delicious. If you do prefer your meat more on the “well-done” side, don’t worry, all you have to do is let your carver know and they will make it happen.

chicken skewer
Flame grilled chicken being served off the skewer directly onto our plates

All the different types of meats had different rubs and spices on them. We tried the pork collar with a mustard and orange marinade and it was like I’d died and gone to heaven. Ok, so I’m pretty sure you can tell by now that I’m 100% carnivore…. But even my eyes were bulging out of my head seeing all the glorious flame grilled meat coming around. Chicken drumsticks, melt in your mouth pork belly, chicken thigh that had taken a nice long bath in bourbon, bacon and chilli marinade and so many other options.

The carver cuts the meat and my dad grabs it with tongs provided on the tables

The thing I found most interesting was that they also served crumbed banana and cinnamon spiced caramelised pineapple in amongst the meat. I had some of both, but for me it didn’t quite gel with the meat marathon I was already on.

The pineapple served in amongst all the meat

The other great thing about this restaurant is the owner (a lovely lady named Shirley) made her way around to each and every table to speak with the customers. When speaking with us we told her it was our first time here and that we’d certainly be coming back, simply because everything was so good. She said she believed the reason it was so good is because everything is made from scratch on site. No pre-made sauces, or sides.

When we had finally had enough of the main course, we made sure to let the carver’s know. To do this, is easy as turning over a piece of wood that’s the size of a wine bottle cork. Each person has a little circular block of wood in front of them. One side is green and the other is red. Green means “keep bringing the Brazilian BBQ goodness”, while red means “I’ve eaten too much”.

wooden circles
Genius way to tell the carver if you want more, or no more

Once we’d all turned our little wooden blocks to red, we decided we just HAD to try the churros from the dessert menu. I mean, we were at a Brazilian restaurant, it would almost seem rude if we didn’t have churros. We were just lucky they were mini’s. Each piece was about 2cm long and you could get 15 or 30 pieces. We played it safe and got only 15 pieces which were served with chocolate sauce (which had a hint of orange flavour), whipped cream and cherries. We also ordered some vanilla ice cream to share between us (another delicious item on their menu).

Shared this between 5 of us, it was definitely enough

As the restaurant started to empty out, I saw that it was actually a pretty big place. The dinner service is split into 4 sittings starting from 5.30pm. We chose to do 7.30pm till close, which was a great idea, because we didn’t feel rushed at all and didn’t end up leaving till about 9.30pm.

dining area
Just one of several areas that make up the total size of the restaurant

I am definitely glad I decided to try something new and test out this restaurant. If you are looking for delicious Brazilian BBQ in Brisbane, then I highly recommend you try this place. It also had a really great atmosphere the night we were there. Below are the details you need to book your spot for lunch or dinner. Go on, you know you want to book it now!

Mundo Churrasco
63 Macgregor Terrace, Bardon, QLD 4065
Ph: 07 3369 1660
Click here to book online


Have you ever “discovered” a great restaurant? (meaning it’d been there forever, but you only just tried it recently)

Have you ever tried Brazilian BBQ?

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