8 Things I Learnt in My 20’s

Today is my 30th birthday. I’m not fussed about turning 30. I know some people have a little freak out, but I honestly am ok with it and don’t actually even care. But I did think about how it’s been a whole decade since my 20th birthday and I’d like to think I’ve learnt some important things in those 10 years, so here are 8 things I learnt in my 20’s.

8 Things I Learnt in My 20's

1. Life doesn’t always go as planned

When I was at highschool I thought I’d get married at 25 (I actually did this, so I ticked one thing off) and then move onto the next logical step of having kids around the age of 28. Well, that sure as shit hasn’t happened. I got to 27 and thought there is no way that I feel like I’m enough of an adult myself to try and even imagine being responsible for a whole other person! It was a mega WTF moment.

Even now, I think I’m still a couple of years off being ready for getting pregnant but everyone keeps telling me, “you’re never ready for kids”. I JUST WANT TO BE A LITTLE BIT READY!

2. When opportunity knocks, OPEN THE DOOR!

You might have read this post, about our trip overseas earlier in the year. Well, I never in a million years expected that to be our first overseas trip. I’d always planned on going to the USA to go to New York, then Chicago and drive all the way to the other side on Route 66 and then go to Disneyland. I even have a 4 week itinerary planned!

This didn’t happen, but we took the opportunity to go to Europe when we got a ticket to go to the ANZAC Day commemorations, and it was the best decision! We worked hard to make it happen financially, but what we gained from our travels, actually can’t be put into a dollar value.

3. Marriage is a work in progress

My hubby and I have been together since February 2002. We got married in 2011, on our 9th anniversary of us being together. February of this year, we had been together for a total of 13 years and married for 4 of those. As we’ve grown up we have both changed (ever so slightly) from the type of person we were when we first got together.

I do honestly believe that we are right for each other, but when the external factors come in to play, it takes work to keep our relationship on the straight and narrow. Stress in our jobs, financial worry, health issues and extended family can be stress points for both of us at times. We just remember to communicate as best we can, treat each other with respect, kindness and love and I’m pretty sure we’ll make it through anything.

4. Buying a house was the right decision for me

Hubby and I bought a house when he was 25 and I was 24. We soon found out the hard way that there was always some expense which we hadn’t budgeted for. Our social life got the snip pretty quick to try and rectify the situation.

Sometimes we thought about selling and just renting, but we always came back to the fact that this house was ours (well it’s the bank’s more than ours but it’s ours more and more every day). It’s a place to raise a family, have our friends and family come and stay and we’re able to make alterations to it when we want and how we want. It means no rent inspections and not worrying about the landlord selling it and having to find another place to go.

Yes it’s a massive thing to know that you have a mortgage and it’s definitely not the right choice for everyone, but it was for me.

5. My parents have some good advice

Do you know the saying “you can’t put an old head on young shoulders”? Well my parents said it to me a couple of times when I was younger when I wouldn’t listen to them and take their advice on things. Now, I totally get what they were trying to say.

They’d been there, they’d done it, they were only trying to steer me in the direction that I needed. However this brings me to my next point.

6. Always learn from your mistakes

When you’re a teenager you don’t really think much about the consequences of some of the things you do. But after doing some things, you instantly know you’ve made a mistake. I didn’t always learn from mine, because sometimes I’d repeat them. The last 10 years I’d like to say there’s been less mistakes, but I’m not completely confident in that.

I can say that I’ve managed to always learn something from them though.

7. If someone doesn’t like you, that’s ok

A lot of people have the personality trait of being people pleasers. I’m pretty sure I’m one of them.

I’ve worked a lot of different types of jobs, which means I’ve met and worked with a lot of different people. Some I have got along with like a house on fire, while others just haven’t seemed to click with me. I can be quite an animated person, I enjoy a laugh and will quite happily talk all day. To some people, these are not great qualities so its inevitable that we possibly won’t get along.

But guess what? IT DOESN’T MATTER! Not everyone has to like you and I’m fine with that.

8. Be yourself

This kind of follows on from number 7. I’ve spent a lot of time not being completely comfortable in my own skin and as a result I’m pretty sure, at times, I tried very hard to be someone that wasn’t me. Particularly if I was around new people. I still don’t completely love myself yet, but I’m working on that.

I’ve also come to realise that I’d much rather be uncomfortable as myself than be comfortable trying to be someone I’m not.


So with these reflection thoughts now out of my head and on the internet for the whole wide world to see (but let’s be honest it’s probably just my family reading this), I now head into the decade of my 30’s. I wonder what other gems I’ll have to tell in another 10 years time…..


What did you learn over the last 10 years?
Do you ever think back over time when you get to milestone birthday?
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  1. I loved this list! I think you’ve really nailed a lot of the things we learn as we get older.
    I’m like you and do not have a problem with getting older or milestone birthdays. I believe if we are still getting some goals and dreams ticked off our list, there is no problem with the years advancing. It’s when we stay still that it gets a bit scary.
    Happy Birthday. I hope it was a wonderful day. x

    • It was a great day. Spent some time by myself and then a super yummy birthday dinner with family. Thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂

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