Top Travel Tips

On my recent travels I put some excellent tips that I’ve learnt, into action. When I learn something, I’m not selfish, I like to share that way everyone can benefit, so here we go….

Top Travel Tips

  1. Once you know where you want to go, find out what airlines fly there, then add yourself to their mailing lists. More often than not all deals and specials are sent out to their email subscribers first. If you get super sick of how many emails you get, just scan the subject line. If it doesn’t mention your destination, don’t open it just hit delete straight away.
  2. When choosing seats, if you want to be free to recline ALL the way back, choose the seats at the very back of the plane – trade off, hearing the toilets flushing all the time and high possibly of smelling something foul. If you don’t want to miss out on food options, choose seats near the front of the plane – trade off, possibly seeing through the curtains into business class and seeing what you’re missing out on being stuck in economy.
  3. Check-in for your flight online (if possible) to avoid delays at the check-in desk at the airport.
  4. Always check the liquid allowances and hand luggage allowances of ALL airlines/ airports and countries before leaving home and make sure you adhere to them. You don’t want to cause a commotion by having your best perfume/ moisturiser taken off you, never to be seen again.
  5. Wear clothes that are loose and comfy, but also warm. Always have a jumper or jacket with you, as airports and airplanes can get very cold. Or have a travelling partner who is constantly warmer than you (thanks hubby!).
  6. Carry 1 set of clean clothes and some back up tiny toiletries in your carry-on luggage (paying attention to tip number 4 above). Wouldn’t it suck if your luggage got lost and you only had the clothes on your back? Yuck.
  7. Make sure you are registered on your relevant country’s “Travel Register”. For Australia it’s:  For New Zealand it’s:  I live in Australia, but am a NZ citizen, so I registered on both, just to be sure that if anything happened, somebody would know. In reality if I went for 24 hours without posting something on FB or Insta, my mum would report me missing (love you mummy!).

Ok, it turns out the tips above have all been about flying but a couple of others that I swear by are research and baby wipes.


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

So this quote is a bit dramatic for this topic, but I’m just going to leave it here anyway.

For our recent 3 week trip overseas, I spent about 6 months researching it all. I scoured the internet high and low, read countless wikipedia pages, travel blogs, tourism websites and the holy grail – Trip Advisor. However this may not be everyone’s ideal way to start a travel experience. If you’re the kind of person to just get up and go somewhere and just find somewhere to stay once you’re there, you probably don’t research very much. I on the other hand am a planner, a bargain hunter and I love convenience. I will look at as many different websites as I have to, just to get the best price/ best inclusions/ best location…. and this is exactly what I did for mine and hubby’s trip.

When I searched hotels on Trip Advisor I would then check the prices expedia, and then the hotel’s own website. I always found that booking the hotel through it’s own company website, rather than a third party site, was a better price/deal.

I read at least 15 – 20 reviews (spread over the previous 12 months) on each hotel/ attraction/ place of interest that we wanted to go to. This gave a better picture, as it was over a longer time period that I was looking at reviews. All this research definitely worked in our favour, so I am definitely a preacher when it comes to researching before you travel.

Baby Wipes

Just last week I posted this post, about my love for baby wipes for uses, other than on babies. Hubby and I took 3 packets of wipes with us overseas. We always had one within easy reach and they were great for wiping our hands after eating, cleaning our hands after using airport/ public toilets with no soap and freshening our faces after a long flight.

One day when we were in Arras, France we went to a local supermarket and got fresh bread, ham and some smelly cheese. We had a picnic in the park for lunch and the baby wipes were very handy for getting the ham and smelly cheese smell off our hands after we’d finished eating.

Also when you spill some soft drink on the door handle (interior) of a rental car, generally you start worrying about what they’re going to charge you for a cleaning fee right? Well all I did was grab a trusty baby wipe and you would never even know that I had spilt some. Just as well too, I didn’t want to pay to have it cleaned!

I’ve got more more travel tips, but for now I’ll just leave you with these. It also gives you a reason to keep reading if I keep some tips up my sleeve for next time!

What are some of your travel tips that you swear by?

Are you a planner who researches first?

Note: for full disclosure, this post is my entry into a competition being run by Virgin Australia in conjunction with Problogger

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