Carnivale at Movieworld

I’ve always wanted to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. While I’m still trying to get there, I have been to the next best thing – Carnivale at Movieworld.

2015 was the second time the event has been successfully hosted at Movieworld and it was bigger and better than the first one. As you may have gathered from this post here, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and I love theme parks. I’ve had one of the VIP Passes for 3 years in a row and always get at least triple my money’s worth of the cost of the VIP Pass because of how often I go to the park.

Part of the VIP Pass was free entry to Carnivale, Fright Night and White Christmas. Carnivale was held back in April and it certainly did not disappoint. From the minute you walked into the park, it felt like you’d been transported to New Orleans. Beads for sale, the smell of the typical southern US cooking, magnificent masks in the store waiting to be bought and worn and for the kids a chance to decorate their own masks.


The Carnivale event officially kicked off at 6pm with a very vibrant and colourful parade with dancers, musicians, bubbles and streamers. The performers get everyone up and dancers and from there you’re free to wander around the park, soak up the live music, go on rides, or just stuff your belly with delicious food!

My sister and I sampled Gumbo, Fish and Shrimp Fry, Paella, BBQ Ribs and Millionaire’s Bacon. Between us we spent about $40 – $50 on food which isn’t bad considering ALL food and beverage is astronomically priced at theme parks.


My favourite thing was by far the Millionaire’s Bacon. It was 2 pieces of middle bacon which were caramelised in a secret herb and spice blend. It was salty – like bacon naturally is – but sweet at the same time, like they’d let it soak in a bath of brown sugar and water. The piece were quite thickly cut, so they weren’t brittle but did seem like they had dried out and were turning into jerky, but this made it even better. It just melted in my mouth!


Throughout the night there are roving performers and musicians who make the night spectacular. The floats in the big parade at the end of the night are all themed for Carnivale and it really is a great finish to the night. The night is suitable for both adults and children. A definite MUST DO activity if you are within a 2 hour drive of Movieworld. Or why not book some local Accommodation on the Gold Coast and make a holiday out of it!


If you really want to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but can’t see it happening, definitely get along to next year’s Carnivale at Movieworld. It is worth it! If you live locally (like within a  2 – 3 hour drive ) then I would put my money into getting a new Village Theme Parks Unlimited Membership.

Village Theme Parks (Movieworld, Wet’N’Wild and Sea World) have just launched a new membership system. You can sign up to one of 3 levels – Premier looks to be the best options as it gives you 1 free entry to Carnivale, Fright Night and White Christmas. The cost of the Premier level is $12 per month or you can choose to do a one-off payment of $132 (which gives you 1 month free).

If you think this is expensive, it’s not, because a normaly general admission for 1 day at Movieworld is $79! You only have tto visit 1 of the 3 parks twice to get your money’s worth plus the membership is stacked full of other benefits. Click here to check out them out.

If your sold on this idea already and want to sign up, click here.

NOTE: this is not a sponsored post, I’m just saying what I think.

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    • I’ve done the White Christmas and Fright Night, but I love food more, so this is my fave! Dreamworld is an awesome park too. The 2 year annual 2 worlds pass was great value when I had it a couple years ago.

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